Duke of Edinburgh


The Duke of Edinburgh award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, which is globally recognised. The award encourages young people to step outside their personal boundaries and develop lifelong skills, such as; resilience, leadership and team work, as well as enhancing their CVs and university applications. Each participant completes four sections; physical, volunteering, skills and an expedition to achieve the Bronze Award. All pupils involved will be given the chance to make a difference to their local community, improve their physical fitness and develop a new skill.

What pupils say about Duke of Edinburgh:

“Our practice expedition for our Duke of Edinburgh Award was a lot of fun. We did walk a lot, so I had very sore feet when we got back but I still had a tremendous time. 4 people in a 3 man tent is very cosy!  There were a couple of dogs that lived at the place we were staying at and we got to play with them, which was great. We got to use our map skills on the way there and the way back, which was fun and overall it was a really great time." Kathryn Mackin
 “Despite the expedition being difficult, I really enjoyed the challenge of it, whilst having a good time with everyone in the group. I hope the qualifying expedition is equally as successful.” Murray McCrone
“I enjoyed the practice expedition! I was able to challenge myself to a new experience. It was a great way to spend time with friends.The best part was taking part in our archery competition, playing with the owner of the campsite’s dogs and talking to people you would not normally talk to.” Rebekah Thomson
“I enjoy the experience and I liked the group spirit that was involved in the exercise.” Ryan Inglis
“I enjoyed the experience of team-building in a different environment to develop new skills. The chance to take part in a round of archery added to the enjoyment.” Laura Stephen

To find out more information visit the following link: http://www.dofe.org/