Interdisciplinary Learning

There are calendared arrangements throughout the session to allow pupils to focus on specific areas of learning.

This helps pupils learn about certain topics in more depth and to make connections in their learning across all the subject areas and across all departments.

Arrangements for 2016-17 are:

  • S1 - Shared Responsibility Project (Focus on impact of the Colombian drugs trade) - December 2016.
  • S2 - Interdisciplinary Project relating to STEM > Outdoor experience to be confirmed - May 2017
  • S3 Interdisciplinary Project relating to Sustainability > pupils focus on access to drinking water, global issues relating to this, etc.  Outdoor experience to be confirmed - March 2017

Note that the Outdoor Learning experience linked to the S2 STEM project is due to take place in January 2017. This will be the Tetrahedron Challenge, supported by Kier Construction, where pupils work in teams to build a tetrahedron structure currently used in bridge and construction building.


S3 Interdisciplinary Project (Sustainability of Water)

S3 took part in their week-long project, starting on 30th January.  Pupils learnt about the importance of water, the difficulties some people have to get clean water every day and water cleanliness.  Below are pupils with the judges, Laura Hunter and Donna Davidson from WaterAid and Scottish Water.  They selected the English department as the winners this year.  They were very impressed with the way pupils spoke of the impact the project had on them.