Inter-Disciplinary Learning

Inter-Disciplinary Learning



Pupils in S1 are currently involved in a Natural Disasters - Rapid Response Engineering Challenge which lasts for one week.

Terry Hanlon (CR and Social Impact Manager) launched the project with pupils at an Assembly on Monday 16 January and clarified how important engineers and engineering are to rebuilding communities after a natural disaster such as a tsunami, earthquake etc.  Recent disasters were highlighted and examples given of the impact of engineers on, for example, bridge building, securing fresh water, instating transport links and so on.

Pupils worked to this theme in all of their S1 classes and their best work was displayed.





Pupils in S3 continued their S2 STEM project from May last year (focussed on transport) with a special event where they learned to build a tetrahedron structure supported by Kier Construction.  These structures are used in bridge building to support transport links.

 Pupils enjoyed the challenge of working in teams to construct the tetrahedron Structure which involved key skills relating to problem solving, working with others and design.