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Update on William McIlvanney Campus 30.1.17

Uniform, Badge, Motto etc

Things are moving on a pace relating to the development of the uniform badge and motto for the new Kilmarnock Academy.

Ms Pryce, Principal Teacher of Pupil Support, is leading on this in James Hamilton Academy and she attended an authority meeting on Thursday 26 January where all designs were discussed. Some agreement has been reached on colours and style and next stage is to produce a mock-up of the uniform for further discussion

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Pupils have been working hard designing a school uniform and school badge for their new school as well as thinking about a suitable motto.

Ms Pryce, PTPS, led on this and pupils were supported by departments as follows:

Art, Design and Food Technology and Technical Education > design of uniform and badge

English Department > creation of motto

Final selections in the 3 categories to go forward to an East Ayrshire judging panel have been decided and are pictured here.

The James Hamilton Academy panel consisted of

Miss Pryce             Chair

Mr Mitchell

Mrs T Grant          Parent; Member of Parent Council

Mr G Boyd            East Ayrshire Heritage Coordinator

The East Ayrshire panel to look at submission from all the schools (including primaries etc) has not yet been convened. Further information to follow.