S3 Inter-disciplinary Project

Outdoor Day - 22nd March 2016

S3 pupils spent World Water Day (22nd of March) at Irvine Beach, building on the work they did during the Interdisciplinary Project in February (information below).  Pupils spent the day doing a beach clean-up and took part in various workshops.  The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) ran a workshop on water-cleanliness and showed pupils how they check the sea water at Irvine.  The RSPB ran a workshop on the various birds in the area and their habitats.  Pupils were issued with binoculars and tasked with spotting as many different birds as possible.  Mr Cartner and Mr Taylor ran a workshop on biodiversity and habitats at the beach while Mrs Azeem encouraged pupils to appreciate the beauty of the beach by sketching things they found on the beach.  Miss Mullin finished off the day with a team-building workshop which all the pupils enjoyed.   All pupils that took part in the beach clean-up will now gain a Saltire Award.

S3 pupils with school staff


Pupils cleaning the beach



SEPA workshop


RSPB workshop



Interdisciplinary Project - 1st of February 2016

S3 pupils spent week commencing 1st of February working on an interdisciplinary project on sustainability and water.  The launch event took place on Monday 1st of February where WaterAid Scotland (www.wateraid.org) speakers, Laura Hunter and Donna Davidson, told pupils about the difficulties people in developing countries face to get water each day.  They also talked about the consequences of this such as poor hygiene, dangers to people and the impact on education.

Pupils then spent the week learning about water-related themes.  For example, in Maths, pupils compared their own water usage with that of a child in a developing country.  They then looked at distances travelled by children to get water each day.  In the English department, pupils learnt about the importance of hydration and designed their own sports drink.  At the end of the week, Laura and Donna returned to judge the work done by pupils and selected Business Education & IT as the winning department.

More information can be found on WaterAid Scotland's website.