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 Start Here Go Anywhere Toolkit

The idea of this toolkit is to help support the promotion of Ayrshire College’s Start Here, Go Anywhere campaign to your staff, your pupils and their parents. Doing this will arm school leavers with more information so that they can make a more informed choice after they leave your school.

Start Here Go Anywhere Toolkit.pdf


Easter School

Click here to get the latest Easter School timetable.


Apprenticeship Information

To find out more about apprenticeships, click on the link here and select the area you are interested in.



Below are links to general information related to SQA exams and supporting your child.

Nationals in a Nutshell

Assessments in the Broad General Education

Assessments in the Senior Phase

Top Talking Tips for Parents.pdf

Secondary Talk Homework.pdf


Planit Plus Information

Parental advice on Options

Information for Senior Phase Pupils

Information on National Qualifications


S4 Options 2016

S4 Options book 16-17.pdf

Information on choices after S3


Below is an overview of each National qualification. 

You can find more specific information on resources within each department page.

National 4

National 5

N4 Administration and IT.pdf 

N4 Art & Design.pdf

N4 Biology.pdf 

N4 Chemistry.pdf

N4 Design & Manufacture.docx

N4 English.pdf

N4 Fashion & Textiles Technology.docx

N4 Geography.pdf

N4 Graphic Communication.pdf 

N4 History.pdf

N4 Lifeskills Maths.pdf

N4 Maths.pdf 

N4 Modern Languages.pdf 

N4 Modern Studies.pdf

N4 Music.pdf 

N4 PE.pdf

N4 Physics.pdf

N5 Administration and IT.pdf

N5 Art & Design.pdf

N5 Biology.pdf

N5 Chemistry.pdf

N5 Design and Manufacture.docx

N5 English.pdf

N5 Fashion & Textiles Technology.docx

N5 Geography.pdf

N5 Graphic Communication.pdf

N5 History.pdf

N5 Lifeskills Maths.pdf

N5 Maths.pdf

N5 Modern Languages.pdf

N5 Modern Studies.pdf

N5 Music.pdf

N5 PE.pdf

N5 Physics.pdf


S4→S5 Options information (See Parents Section)


Highers in a Nutshell: Below are links to useful sources of information about courses and levels.

Higher Accounting

Higher Administration & IT

Higher Art & Design

Higher Biology

Higher Chemistry

Higher Design & Manufacture

Higher English

Higher Geography

Higher Graphic Communication

Higher History

Higher Maths

Higher Modern Languages

Higher Modern Studies

Higher Music

Higher PE

Higher Photography

Higher Physics


S5-S6 Options

  • The Options form for S5→S6 can be found here.
  • All information on courses is included in the booklet here.
  • S5/6 Interviews start on Monday 8 February.


S1-S2 Options Book 2015

Note that this Options Book is due for review/re-issue from January 2016.

Apprenticeships in Scotland

Sector Cards 2015 .02.pdf


S3 Short Course Booklet

S3 Enrichment booklet 2016.doc