Homework Policy

The school firmly believes in the importance of regular, meaningful and challenging homework. It is regarded as a normal, not extra, part of school work. At the beginning of a new session pupils are issued with Homework Diaries in which they are expected to record all homework as it is issued and to note the date on which it is due. A parental leaflet detailing information on Homework is available from the School Office.

A Whole School Homework Policy is in place which clarifies issues relating to the homework set and how we support pupils and staff in relation to this.

The types of homework will mainly be:-

  • learning facts or new words
  • written tasks e.g. completing exercises
  • preparation - finding out information for a project or investigation; doing research
  • revision - for tests or assessments

The Parent’s Role

The completion of homework is the pupil’s responsibility. However, we can all, staff and parents, play an important part in supporting pupils. We would suggest that parents try, as far as possible, to do the following:-

  1. set aside a regular time in the evening for homework and ensure
that it is completed before your child settles down to other evening activities                      
  2. check the Homework Diary to monitor the homework your child gets and sign it weekly to indicate that you have seen it
  3. provide a quiet area at home to allow your child to study uninterrupted
  4. offer help with tasks if appropriate
  5. encourage your child to make use of the school library as a source of information on a point of interest or uncertainty
  6. contact the school whenever there appears to be a problem with homework (too little, too much, difficulty completing work, etc.)
  7. attend, where possible, any Parental Workshops or Meetings which offer help on how to support your child at home with homework
  8. praise your child when he / she produces good work at home

The School’s Role

As a staff, we are committed to doing all we can to ensure that your child can complete the homework set. Where there appears to be a problem, we will contact you either via a telephone call from Pupil Support, or via a Letter of Concern.

Support and Incentives

One of the major initiatives to support pupils with homework is the Homework Diary. The diaries are checked and in the main pupils are diligently using these to note homework details. We would invite all parents to use these as a means of communication with staff where there is a concern about homework or any other matter.

Within individual departments, pupils are rewarded for completing homework timeously and to a high standard as part of the departmental rewards system. We have also altered our PSE courses to include lessons on noting and completing homework, how to organise, prioritise and plan tasks and so on. This helps to reinforce to pupils the importance of their role in taking responsibility for the organisation and completion of homework. After school homework sessions to reinforce these skills are also offered to pupils in S1-3. General Supported Study, focussing on subject specific work, is offered to pupils in S4 – S6.

We are sure that all these measures will support your child with his/her homework. However, there is no substitute for your interest and encouragement in ensuring that your child does regular, meaningful and challenging homework to the best of his/her ability. If you feel uncertain about helping your child at home, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.