Monitoring & Tracking

 S1 and S3: Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT)

 Pupils undertake a Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) in S1 and S3 which is a national and well respected test produced by GL Assessment.  This covers a range of skills from knowledge and understanding to spatial awareness and so on.  These tests provide an indicator of each child’s ability in relation to National examinations and as such it allows staff to track pupil progress against this to ensure they are achieving their potential. 

 There is further information on this test under ASSESSMENT.


All Yeargroups

Pupils are monitored and tracked on a day to day basis by their individual subject teachers who record evidence of progress in subject work and also in relation to literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and the development of skills for work and skills for life. 

 Regular class tests also take place to check on pupils’ knowledge and understanding as they progress through the subject. 

 All of these aspects of learning are covered within Parent’s Report.


 Formal Assessments


Pupils sit formal assessments around November and March/April to benchmark their progress and this is matched to their CAT score to check they are achieving their best.  Action is taken via parental contacts, extra help sessions etc where performance is below what would be expected.



Pupils sit formal S3 Exams in December.  These replicate the S4 National Exams and provide an opportunity for pupils to get used to the formal procedures of SQA Exams relating to timing, invigilation and so on.

 Results from exams (along with other classroom evidence) inform option choices for the Senior Phase.



Unit Assessments take place throughout the session as per SQA guidelines.

An S4 benchmarking exercise takes place in October to check progress against CAT scores and S3 Exam data.

An S4 formal Prelim Exams are in January each year. 

There are regular interventions by teaching staff and Year Heads throughout the year to ensure pupils are working to achieve their potential.