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School sets record straight on Charities and Fundraising

East Ayrshire Council statement on James Hamilton Academy fundraising:

James Hamilton Academy has an established policy for charitable fundraising which has been agreed through both Pupil and Parent Councils. The substance of the agreement is that parents and pupils had previously agreed that there were too many fundraising events and so a limit of 3 charities (1 local, 1 national and 1 international) would be supported each year. The ones for this year were decided at the beginning of the session and so far £5761 has been raised with a further event being held on 16 March for Yorkhill Children’s Hospital.

 Pupils approached the Head Teacher and Senior Management Team recently with a request for a further fundraising event. This issue was discussed by the SMT twice and the Head Teacher also held discussions directly with the pupils making the request who were aware of the existing, agreed fundraising arrangements. The SMT agreed to make an exception in this case and to allow senior pupils to raise awareness of the charity at all assemblies the week before the Easter Service on 24 March and that they would be prioritised as the only group allowed to collect at that event.

 This is clearly a sensible and sensitive compromise to allow the pupil body to support a fellow pupil. The school has not therefore refused to allow pupils to fundraise and in fact has taken positive steps to support this additional fundraising.


East Ayrshire Council statement on Senior Prom:

 "The Prom event for the school is not organised under the auspices of either James Hamilton Academy or the Education Service.  The Prom is organised and run by a committee of volunteers, both pupils and staff, and as such Education has no role in any of the decisions made.

The Prom is not cancelled.  The Prom committee will need to organise and arrange to have responsible adults, who could be parent volunteers, to supervise the evening.  We would expect that these arrangements can be easily made and that the Prom event will again be a success for all concerned."


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This is compiled annually by the Senior Prefect Team and published around Easter. Click below to see the 2014-15 edition.

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