Pupil Support

Principal Teachers of Pupil Support are often the first point of contact for pupils when they have problems. These can be personal issues, health problems, careers advice or simply when they need someone to talk to.

The Pupil Support Department is based on a vertical, house system. This means brothers and sisters will be placed in the same house which provides parents with one point of contact throughout their child's school life.

Pupil Support teachers can therefore build up a good relationship with parents and siblings.

Principal Teachers of Pupil Support

Miss J Harvey - Douglas House
Mrs L Egerton - Murray House
Mrs A Azeem - Bruce House
Ms G Pryce - Wallace House


All Principal Teachers of Pupil Support (PTPS) are involved in the day-to-day Pastoral care of pupils in their individual houses.  Pupils will have regular contact with their PTPS during PSE lessons, Pastoral interviews and regular 1-1 Mentoring sessions.  Each member of the department is responsible for the organisation and development of PSE materials for specific year groups and in addition we support individual pupils in our houses who wish to work toward Dynamic Youth Awards.  PTsPS are heavily involved in helping to identify options pathways and can give careers and post-school advice to help inform your son or daughter’s next steps as they consider their future.  Each PTPS also has a specific remit they follow throughout the year; details are given below.


Mrs A Azeem – Bruce House

Attends school Citizenship & Equalities committee meetings

Progress/Oversee Dynamic Youth Awards (National Youth Awards)

Leads House Events along with the House Captains and Active School Co-ordinator

Assists DHT with Citizenship Themed Day


Organisation of reward trips

Progress/oversee Youth Philanthropy Initiative

Progress/oversee Rights Respecting Schools Award


Miss J Harvey – Douglas House (S3/4 PSE)

Leads the Year Book Committee

Organises the school response to Micro-Tyco and Fairtrade Initiatives

Progresses Mock Interviews in S4

Assists with the Work Experience Programme

Assists with the Careers Clinic and Enterprise events

Organisation of reward trips


Mrs L Egerton – Murray House (S1 PSE)

Attends school Recognising Achievement committee meetings

Leads Young Enterprise Initiative

Organises Senior Buddying and Peer Mentoring

Leads PTPS input within Primary-Secondary Transition

Leads the Prom Committee

Assists with the Pupil of the Month/Achievement Initiatives

Assists with fundraising events

Organisation of reward trips


Ms G Pryce – Wallace House (S5/6 PSE)

Attends school Health and Wellbeing committee meetings

Attends authority Health and Wellbeing committee meetings

Leads on Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

Organise and monitor Health and Wellbeing Assessment within PSE

Organise Heartstart

Assist DHT with Health and Wellbeing Themed Day

Organisation of reward trips


PSE Courses

Topics covered in S1 Include –

Introduction to James Hamilton Academy


My Strengths

Pupil Council Introduction and Election

Rights Respecting Schools


E- Safety 

Cyber-bullying and Consequences of Cyber-Bullying

Firework Safety

Study Skills

Positive Attitudes Curriculum

S1 Pupil Profiling

World of Work

Cats, Dogs and Us

See Me

Internet Safety and Being Impersonated Online

Dental Hygiene

Personal Hygiene


Coping in an Emergency

Road Safety – Circle of Support and Danger

No Knives Better Lives

Young Carers

Spice – Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco

John Muir Award


Relevant Websites –

Young Enterprise Scotland – http://www.yes.org.uk

CEOP - https://www.ceop.police.uk/

UCAS - https://www.ucas.com/




Sexual Health

Life Skills

Pupil Profiles

Sexting and Social Media

Personal Safety

Barclays Lifeskills Workshops

Sexual Violence Prevention Workshops

See ME

Show racism the Red Card



Drugs Education

Self-Esteem, Social and Friendship skills Spice No Knives Better Lives Gang Crime Road Safety

Web Links

For this section can the following links be added

Rights Respecting Schools Award - www.unicef.org.uk/rights-respecting-schools

YPI - www.goypi.org/

Youth Achievement Awards - www.youthscotland.org.uk/projects/youth-achievement-awards.htm



The various topics covered are listed below.

Knife Crime


Study Skills

Family Relationships



Mental Health

Pupil Profiles

Careers and options

Drugs and alcohol


Risk taking

Internet Safety




The S4 PSE course incorporates RE (Religious Education) and PSE (Personal and Social Education.) There are two main topics discussed in RE and various topics are covered within the S4 PSE course. The topics are listed below.

Religious Education Topics



 Personal and Social Education

Pupil Profiles

Work Experience

Study Skills

Underage and Pregnant

Mental Health

Death and Grief

Careers and Options

Knife Crime and Gangs

Alcohol and Drugs

Anti Bullying


Careers Adviser

Our Careers Adviser for James Hamilton Academy meets with pupils in S4-S6 on a one-to-one basis to help them develop their career planning skills and to identify suitable career, learning or training options.

She also delivers talks to every year group. Pupils are welcome to drop in without an appointment every Thursday lunchtime with any career related questions in room D2 near the dinner hall.  She works from the school library on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Please encourage your child to make use of our website: www.myworldofwork.co.uk 

There is also a parent section on http://parents.myworldofwork.co.uk providing information on how best to support your child with their career choices. Pupils can speak to their guidance teacher if they feel they need further support and wish to make an appointment.