School Day

The school operates a timetable with 33 periods every week.

A warning bell will sound 3 minutes before 8.50am to remind pupils to make their way into school.

There is no formal registration class. Attendance, absence and latecoming will be recorded by the Period 1 subject teacher.
 Action will be taken at that point to address any concerns in relation to frequent latecoming and will be followed up by Pupil Support and SMT.

The school day finishes at 3.35pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and at 2.45pm on Thursday and Friday.
 School transport has been re-arranged to fit in with these new times.

Interval and lunchtimes have also changed to reflect the new school day. Additional catering facilities will be available up to 8.50am each morning to ensure that pupils can be provided with hot rolls as well as the usual cereals, toast etc since interval is now later than it was previously.

The school day is organised as follows: -

Period 1

8.50am - 9.40am (50mins)

Period 2
9.40am - 10.30am (50mins)

Period 3
10.30 am - 11.20am (50mins)

11.20am - 11.35am (15mins)

Period 4

11.35am - 12.25pm (50mins)

Period 5
12.25am - 1.15pm (50mins)

1.15pm - 1.55pm (40mins)

Period 6

1.55pm - 2.45pm (50mins)

Period 7 *
2.45pm - 3.35pm (50mins)

* Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 7 Periods finish at 3.35pm
, Thursday and Friday - 6 Periods finish at 2.45pm


Yeargroup assemblies are held on a regular basis. This allows Year Heads to pass on general information and to highlight specific issues.

Religious assemblies are also held throughout the session led by the school chaplains.