William McIlvanney Campus

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Badge, Motto, Uniform for the new secondary school

Pupils in all schools involved in the merger have been designing a possible school badge and uniform for their new school. (This includes primary pupils). They have also been thinking about a new motto.

In James Hamilton Academy Ms Pryce, Principal Teacher of Pupil Support, led on this supported by Graham Boyd, EAC Heritage Officer. The focus was on S1-S3 pupils who are the main cohort transferring to the new school.

Pupils submitted designs and ideas for mottos (supported by their teachers) and a panel of judges was convened on Thursday 17 November to decide on the three final submissions to East Ayrshire. The panel consisted of:

Ms Pryce          Principal Teacher of Pupil Support      James Hamilton Academy

Mr Mitchell      Depute Head Teacher                          James Hamilton Academy

Mrs T Grant     Parent/Member of Parent Council        James Hamilton Academy      

Mr G Boyd      EAC Heritage Officer

East Ayrshire Council will now convene their own panel of judges to look at all the schools’ submissions and to decide on the final designs and motto. Further information to follow.

Links to Kier Construction

In May S2 pupils were involved in a special project relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with a focus on transport. Pupils studied various aspects of this in all their subject departments throughout the week.  In January 2017 these pupils (now S3) will be involved in the building of a tetrahedron structure supported by Kier which links to the STEM (transport) project they did in May.

During the week of 16 January, S1 pupils will be involved in a Rapid Response Challenge led by Kier which related to dealing with a local emergence situation. Pupils will have worked on ideas in their classes during the week and will make their presentations to Kier at the end of the project.

Progress with the New Build

It is confirmed that the new secondary school is on target to open by 31 March 2018. Kier representatives are presenting an update on progress to pupils via special assemblies week beginning 12 December.

In June 2016, some S4 pupils visited the site to see for themselves how the new build was progressing. They are pictured here with Ms Lynne Fraser (Senior Administrator Kier Construction), Mr Steven Nelson (PT Technical Education, James Hamilton Academy) discussing progress and next steps.