Youth Philanthropy Initiative

The S3 Youth Philanthropy Team who won the recent YPI school final* presented at the recent Easter Assembly on the importance of charity fundraising and the impact of this on building relationships with others, contributing to the community and developing key citizenship skills.  Pupils spoke about the impact of their recent experience within the YPI initiative not only in raising £3000 for the charity ‘Beautiful Inside and Out’ but also on the personal development opportunities. 

At the end of the service a collection was held and these S3 pupils’ presentation undoubtedly raised pupils’ awareness of the importance of giving to others.

 * Message from Isabel Johnstone, regional Facilitator, Ayrshire, YPI:

I received a glowing e-mail from my colleague, Lynn, who was ‘blown away’ by the standard of presentations.  What an exciting event it must have been.

Well done to you and thank you for giving such a huge commitment in terms of time and effort to the programme.  I believe that Lynn has suggested that the winning team should be invited to present at the National Final in Perth in June.  That is a real achievement and what an accolade for the school….and all done in your first year!


Youth Philanthropy Initiative – Final: Wednesday 9 March 2016

S3 pupils competed in the above school final. You may be aware that YPI is a national citizenship programme which empowers young people to understand and to make a difference in their local community through supporting local charities. In this school, pupils can select YPI as part of the Short Course Awards offered within Core time in S3. On completion they secure an SQA Unit Pass: Self in the Community.

Mrs Azeem has been overseeing this programme and supporting the pupils in their work to research local charities and then to select one to ‘champion’. Teams then present their case to a wider audience who select the winner based on the quality of research, knowledge and understanding of the charity and the pupils’ emotional engagement with the cause itself. A semi-final was held here a few weeks ago with 15 teams competing and 5 final teams were selected for yesterday’s final.  (Details are attached) The local charities the finalists had chosen to champion were:  

Break the Silence (Abuse issues)

Lighthouse Foundation (Drugs and Alcohol)

Chloe Chemos Cows (Cancer in Young Children)

Beautiful Inside and Out (Suicide/Mental Health in Young People and  

Supporting their Families)

Send a Message (Cancer in Young Children)

Representatives from all the local charities (except one) attended the event along with all S3 pupils and the judges were:

Lyn Raynal: National Management Team, YPI

Heather McCormick: Community Worker, Vibrant Communities

PC McGinn, Campus Police Officer

Angela Brownlie, Depute Head Teacher

The winning team was the group who presented on ‘Beautiful Inside and Out’ founded by Mrs Pauline Moriarty, as a result of her own daughter’s death a few years ago. This charity now receives £3000 from YPI to further their good work. Pupils in the team were:

Sophie Sutherland          Karmen Boyle        Chloe Sharp       Eilidh Gardiner

Melissa McAtee             Emily Dunn

Lyn Raynal (YPI) spoke to me after the event and said she had been overwhelmed by the quality of the presentations and the obvious emotional engagement of the pupils with their charities. There were, she said, ‘a lot of tears’ as judges and charity representatives listened to the young people presenting their case. She also confirmed that the winning team will now be invited to present at the national final. This is not a given; only the best teams which she identifies across Scotland are awarded this honour.

 I would like to thank all the staff involved in supporting the S3 pupils throughout the session – Mrs Egerton, Miss Murray and particularly Mrs Azeem who has worked tirelessly to get this initiative off the ground and to ensure the best quality of support and encouragement for the pupils.

 Pauline Moriarty, the founder of Beautiful Inside and Out sent this message□ which says it all:

 I visited James Hamilton Academy, Kilmarnock, this afternoon, just along from Jenna’s school…  What an emotional day!  Out of the whole 3rd year group, there were 5 groups through to the YPI final.  A lovely group of girls delivered an emotional, inspirational presentation and WON £3,000 for Beautiful Inside & Out …                          

This will help us reach out to many troubled people to give them support through counselling and music therapy, as well as promoting a positive sense of self-worth in young people in schools and colleges. I am still in tears at the compassion shown to us by these girls and their teacher as well as by the YPI representative who was also in tears, along with half of the year’s pupils, bless them. Thank you to these lovely girls, to the teacher, Asmara Azeem and to James Hamilton Academy. This is Jenna’s legacy ….xxx

 □ Quoted with permission.