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SQA Your Coursework 2016-17

SQA Exam Guide 2016


S4 Prelim Timetable



S5/6 Prelim Timetable



How to Pass Higher Booklet

How to Pass Higher 2015 - 16.pdf


Pupils can create a study plan on iPod Touch and iPhone with the SQA MyStudyPlan application. This service lets you import your exam schedule and use it to generate your study plan.

You can also add in your own subjects, prioritise how much time you want to spend on each and schedule the amount of time you want to study. The service will then build your custom study plan, which you can view or print out.

Available on iTunes and Google play.


Supported Study S3 – S6

Study Planners S3 – S6
S3 Planner 2015.docx

Attainment Calendars

S4 Attainment Calendar.docx

 S5 & S6 Attainment Calendar.docx

Target Setting S3 – S6

Special Workshops S1 – S6
Tree of Knowledge > S4 October 2015 & March 2016; S5/6 October 2015
Careers Workshops > S1 December 2015; S2 March 2016; S3 January 2016

Study Advice/ Coping Strategies (via PSE) S1 – S6

Mentoring Meetings with Year Heads/ Head Teacher (S4 – S6)


Click the link below to get some tips on National 5 revision.


Click the link below to get tips on Higher revision.